LDPE Tubing Pipes

SFE Low-density Polyethylene Pipe (LDPE) is used to supply water to low-volume irrigation systems such as micro-drip, micro-spray, micro-sprinkle, or dripline from the water source. Suitable for above-ground installation and installing an irrigation system for precise watering and reducing water consumption by up to 90% – a well worth project to invest in.

Our SFE LDPE Tubing Advantages:

Light Weight

Flexible, Connectivity

Easy to install


Chemically Inert

Abrasion Resistance


Time Saving

Product Spec:


SFE High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) is mainly for the irrigation system.  Our pipe is strong, robust, and suitable for underground water installation. The pipe is more rigid and harder than LDPE and due to this, it is able to withstand high water pressures. With good resistance to chemicals and weather, it is the ideal choice for irrigation pipe as it is durable and easily connected with compression.

Our SFE HDPE Pipe Advantages:

Corrosion Resistance: PE pipes are corrosion free

Flexibility: Allows good conformity to most terrain contours

Long Length and availability in coil: Enable jointless laying of a longer pipeline

Resistance to abrasion: Ability to handle many types of slurries and other abrasive elements

Superior Flow: Smooth interior surface ensures a good flow of water and prevents crust formation on the pipe

Dampen/ Eliminate Water Hammer: Can withstand higher transient pressure than conventional pipes because of greater elasticity

Tough and Durable: Has higher impact strength

Lower Overall Cost: Significant cost savings in terms of transportation, cheaper installation, and maintenance.

Light Weight: 6-10 times lighter than conventional pipes